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The Nearly Solid Crochet Shawl Pattern [Free Crochet Pattern]

After not being able to find a simple shawl pattern to follow, I decided to tinker around and come up with something of my own! This is one of my classic patterns, written and released at the very beginning of my crochet business journey in 2018.

Now, fellow crocheters can make something cozy for themselves, or, get a head start on holiday makes. The finished featured product measures 43 rows, with a "wing span" of 45 inches (150 cm)!

This pattern has been re-evaluated and updated as of Jan 2023. You can find the premium version of this pattern in the Handmade Shop if you'd like to purchase it

and support future crochet content. In the paid version, all 42 rows of math are written out for you in a streamlined PDF file AND there is a full length exclusive tutorial to help with the making of this project. I hope you'll consider it but regardless, Happy Making!

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Size J-10 (6.00 mm) crochet hook

Yarn needle