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The Sentro 22 (Mini) Knitting Machine Review

Please Note: This blog contains affiliate links which means that I may be compensated when you shop through them at no additional cost to you!

The Sentro Mini Knitting Machine has been a delight in my studio over the last couple of years. I was forced to replace it over last studio from wear and tear but otherwise, this tool has become an important part of my craft journey.

The tubes made on this machine are a touch too small for baby hats but, I've gotten away with making a number of projects including fingerless gloves, socks, and scrunchies. You can find tutorials for these projects on my YouTube Channel or on Rumble (work in progress).

In general, I think the Sentro is one of the better starter machine brands for mechanical loom knitting. If you like the experience, you can always choose to upgrade to a more expensive machine for the long haul. In this video, I discuss my earlier experiences with this machine as I take it out of the box.

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