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The Wonder of Invisible Thread

Hello Crafties!

I’ve stated many times that I am NO seamstress. I can do practical stitch jobs by hand and that’s about the extent of it. If you are diving into branding like me, you’ve probably been researching clothing labels and tags for your handmade items. Back in 2018, I went with a company called WunderLabel for my wonderful woven labels that I attach to many of my items. One of the factors that contributed to me choosing woven labels was cost. I was on a college budget, so the leather ones were completely out of my league.

Because I use woven labels, I have to sew them on with a needle and thread and that is the purpose of this blog. Invisible thread is the BEST option for sewing these on. The stitching on the label itself is less noticeable and you don’t have to worry about matching colors in JoAnn’s. My grandmother, who was a seamstress, has a very… critical eye for stitching and has verbally ripped into my handiwork in times past. (All in love though!) I’ve noticed that she says the least when I use invisible threading in my projects.

Her wisdom and critique aren’t wrong either. Honestly in times past, I’d just grab the nearest threaded needle that was the closest color to my project and just get to sewing. What mattered most was that my stitches were relatively straight because I hand sew. Nowadays, I rely more on my invisible thread because as you can see in the examples, it’s far, FAR less noticeable than the colored thread.

If you too dread the idea of threading a needle, let alone with transparent string, I recommend threading that needle with more than you need. On average, when I sew things, I thread that needle so that I have enough to do more than one project. You may have to be more aware of possible tangles using this method though. I also recommend helpful gadgets like large eyed sewing needles and needle threaders to help with this process!

Essentially, invisible thread offers a cleaner, more professional finish to your handmade items!

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