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Infiniti's Turning 25!

Creative title is creative. I never know how I want to word these things but, at least this year, I'm on time for birthday announcements. Well... actually I'm pretty darn early!

Good evening, Crafties! I don't know that I'll have the time on my actual birthday for blogging so I'm here to chat briefly about it now. This year, I'll be celebrating my silver birthday apparently and boy... it's a blessing to see it. Once upon a time, I couldn't even visualize being this age and now I'm here and lively as ever.

This year has been kinda wild for me. if y'all have been keeping up with these posts, there's just been a lot to deal with emotionally, spiritually, and physically this year. I'm grateful to the Lord though, that things are continually looking up for myself and my family and that we can all trek forward with a smile on our faces.

Each day is a gift, simply because I am blessed to be above ground. That is a revelation that I understand more and more as I do get older and nothing but God could have seen me through to this moment.

Speaking of gratefulness, can I just say... it feels amazing to be 25 and pursuing this dream of mine! There are a lot of ups and downs to trying to run this business but each day I get to learn something new and that's worthwhile to me. I'm about a year and a half out from obtaining my bachelor's degree also and it's all coming to a head. A younger me would have hoped to be further along in these endeavors but I'm currently humbled by the community that I've built over the last few years. Some days when I'm at my worst, y'all remind me that the effort I've put in is valued.

In the end, it will be God and all of you wonderful people that keep me going with all of this.

This year, I'm celebrating my birthday with a month long 25% off sale here on the site. This will include all patterns and handmade items currently stocked. Just use the code SILVERSUN at check out. The proceeds from this sale will help keep the website running for another year AND help me to get the necessary work done on my teeth so I can get back to vlogging with y'all.

I wanted my lovely blog readers to hear about this first, before I start sharing it on social media. That means the digital doors have opened tonight! This sale will run from now through November 30th at midnight!

Unfortunately, there's no big project or party plans this year but, I will try to at least get a picture in the birthday sweater that I didn't finish til February. 🤣

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Happy Making!

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