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Very Low Stock on Juneteenth Items

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I have a limited assortment of items made with the Juneteenth color scheme. Over the summer of 2020, I made a variety of crochet and knit garments and accessories.

Though very lightly requested, I made some of my items with this color scheme only to have the buyers to bail out on me in the end. I currently have these items stocked but, I have no intention on restocking them in the future. So, if you celebrate the holiday or you just like the color theme now's your chance to grab these items!

I've mentioned in years past that my family observes the day for historical purposes but, there are some who take it to heart as the black Independence Day and that's totally alright.

A brief history on what Juneteenth is about:

After the slaves were emancipated, there were of course some slaveholders who were bent on keeping their "property". Specifically in Galveston Bay, Texas. Almost 2.5 years after the federally mandated emancipation, the military came to the area and liberated those still enslaved on June 19th, 1865.

Initially, it was the descendants of those freed in that area who celebrated the holiday. In modern times, more widespread celebrations occur among black Americans.

Use code Juneteenth21 at check out for 19% off your order while supplies latest!

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