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When Life Gives You Lemons...[forced hiatus]

Y'all I actually don't like lemonade but I'll make it to share 🤣

Hello Crafties, I hope everyone else has had a fantastic week. I mean look at all that snow! We got about 7 inches where I live and thank Jesus the power stayed on because I've been able to craft and FINISH that birthday sweater that I needed in November!

But that, my dears, is not why I'm writing tonight. Today was incredibly annoying and it's resulted in a forced semi-hiatus for all my video content. I would have uploaded a short video about it but honestly it'd feel a little weird to do, I know, I'm just weird.

Ultimately, as the snow started to melt, it started leaking into the basement, specifically my studio. It

did so until it made part of the ceiling collapse. Thankfully, I was not in that spot nor did any harm come to my inventory or my stash! This comes after the previous discovery that we were robbed of our A/C unit about a month ago and that in itself put a damper on the things I wanted to do for the channel and the brand this year. Now we're here. As stressful as this new development might be, I am grateful to God that it's not flooding down here like it did about 10 years ago. I'd be completely devastated over the loss of my craft space.

Like I mentioned at the end of the last Craft Corner, it's just my grandmother and I getting by from week to week. This kinda thing stresses her out completely because she's disabled and can't just afford major repairs to this old house. As for me, I work 6 days a week as it is on top on the YouTube stuff and other content creation. I make what your average full-time student makes in a year so I'm not exactly rich 😅; I'm only one person as much as I hate to admit it.

So, I have a favor to ask. If you find value in or enjoy my content, please share my videos with your Crafty groups and friends who might do the same. Sharing my pattern pages also helps because even if you don't personally follow/buy written patterns, someone you know just might. I am horribly shy about asking people for things (for so many reasons) but this would help us greatly over here. Or hey, maybe you do like written patterns, please do check out my library. I thank you in advance!

Needless to say, I'm unable to fulfill physical orders until further notice but, digital items are available and worldwide.

There are a few videos that are already scheduled on the channel but, apart from that, I have no idea when I'll be able to stay over there for recording again. This includes Hey Craftepreneur! which I was considering putting on hiatus anyhow. I know these tutorials are mainly for Knitting Wednesdays. Hopefully I'll be able to start again by the beginning of March because 3 of my 8 week courses will have ended and I'd be in a better frame of mind to edit. In the meantime, I'll still be active on Instagram!

I'm going to end this post on a high note! I've just recently broken 6500 subscribers on my YouTube channel this month and that is so exciting! I'd like to welcome and thank each and every last one of you that comes across this post. Y'all are the backbone of everything that I've been able to do so far as I aim to run my knit/crochet business. I am steadily creating patterns behind the scenes to further enrich my Crafty community and I hope you'll stick around for the future reveals!

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