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Yarns That Work with the Sentro Knitting Machine

Updated: Apr 11

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This list will be updated as I experiment with new fibers! Feel free to comment if you've found different yarns that have worked for you!

*note* This post contains affiliate links. When my readers shop through these links, I get a commission at no extra cost to them! Thank you for your continued support ❤.

Red Heart Super Saver

This yarn is hit or miss when it comes to the Sentro Knitting Machine. Some colors of this yarn are more coarse and lead to dropped stitches and lots of frustration.

Red Heart Stripes (Super Saver)

The Flemenco Stripe colorway in particular did not agree with my machine and caused imperfections in all three projects I attempted with it. It's definitely a no from me!

Fiber: 100% Acrylic

Weight: 4 Medium (5oz/141g per skein)

Measure: 236 yds/215m

This silky texture acrylic yarn works well in the Sentro.

Fiber: 100% Acrylic

Weight: 4 Medium 3.5 oz or 100g

Measure: 147 yds/134 m

This yarn glides through the feeder and between the hooks like butter! If you begin your project with a 12 inch tail, you can get 92 rows in before you either need to cast off or join a new skein. My favorite thing to make with this yarn is a double knit infinity scarf! They take about 30 -40 minutes and make a great gift for the winter season.

Despite being acrylic, this yarn is ultra silky feeling and super cozy. The varigation provides an aestheically beautiful quality to your project that pairs perfectly with the feeling of autumn. Two skeins gives you a double-knit infinity cowl of 120 rows and a hat with a double knit brim of 66 rows.

Due to the thin nature of the strand, this brand of yarn is also a match made in heaven when it comes to my machine! Its one of the few 4 weight yarn that I use in this machine.

Update 10/06/2021: LB's Pound of Love has gotten a little thicker than it was in 2019! I've not had any issues with this change but it is something to keep in mind for future making.

Yarn Bee Caterina

This dk weight yarn effortlessly runs through this machine! I do recommend that you untangle/rewind this yarn because it tangles easily in general.

This yarn also works well in the machine.

Premier Just Yarn

This yarn works well also.

Worked EXCELLENTLY in my Sentro machine

3 - dk

590 yds/450m

100% acrylic

Loops & Threads Impeccable A big no!

Contents: 100% acrylic

Skein Weight: 4.5 oz. / 127.5 g

Yardage: 285 yd. / 260 m

Lion Brand Basic Stitch Lion Brand and the Sentro seem to be a match made in heaven on this list so far.

Fiber Content:100% Acrylic

Weight Category: #4 Medium

Size:3.5oz/ 100g

This is one of the thicker 4- weight yarns that actually works on this machine.

100% acrylic

5 ounces (142 grams) 251 yards

Medium weight #4

This yarn is the bee's knees when paired with the Sentro. It is classified as a 3 weight yarn so it's no wonder! I've used this yarn for the 2021 scrunchy inventory and had no problems.

Scrunchies made on the Sentro Knitting Machine

3 - light weight

232 yds

50% Cotton, 50% Rayon from Bamboo

Machine Wash, Machine Dry

Because this yarn is on the thin side, you're going to have to double the strands to work with this on the Sentro. I was able to make some really beautiful socks on this machine which I showed off on my live channel chat in October 2021.

CYC 1 Weight Yarn

166 yds

75% Wool, 25% Nylon

Machine Wash and Dry

Lion Brand Truboo Yarn

This yarn could work out in the machine with a single strand. I loved using it for my trademark scrunchies that I keep stocked. It provides a silky, breathable texture and is super shiny. I've also worked it double stranded and it still worked out but, dropping stitches was also more possible. The resulting fabric is super squishy.

Content: 48% Cotton,52% Viscose

Weight Category: CYC 3 Medium

Weight: 3.5oz (100g), 216.5y (198m)

Knit Gauge: 4in = 24 stitches on size US 6 needle

The drape and feel of this yarn was so nice. It is a thinner yarn so you will most definitely need to double strand it.

70% Lyocell 30% Viscose

Weight Category: CYC 2 Fine

Weight: 3.5oz 240 yards

Knit Gauge: 4 in = 20 stitches on size US 7-8 needles

Care: Hand wash cold, hang to dry

LBY's Fishermen's Wool is a 4 weight, worsted yarn.

Length (yd) 465 (348 in prints)

Length (m) 425 (318 in prints)

100% Pure Virgin Wool

Hand Wash, Lay Flat to Dry

Big Twist Heather is a buttery soft acrylic yarn that is excellent for hats and scarves.

Content: 100% Acrylic

Yarn Weight: 4 Medium

Weight & Yardage: 170g/6oz, 347m/380yds

Care: Machine washable, Dry Flat. Do not iron or bleach.

Lily Sugar n Cream Yarn

Premier Just Chenille

Lion Brand Scarfie

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Lion Brand Chenille Appeal

Hey Craftepreneur! Exclusive pattern - How to make Kneesocks on the Sentro Knitting Machine

Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Yarn

Yarn Bee Gilt Eyelash Yarn

Content: 100% Acrylic

Yarn Weight: 4 Medium

Weight & Yardage: 170g/6oz, 347m/380yds

Knit Gauge: 4in = 18 sts x 24 Rows

Crochet Gauge: 4in = 13sc x 14 Rows

Recommended Needle: US 8 (5mm)

Recommended Hook: H-8 (5mm)

Care: Machine wash and air dry (do not use dryer); do not iron or bleach.

The manufacturer tries to match dye lots but they are not guaranteed.

Yarn Weight: 4 Medium / Worsted

Crochet Gauge: (4in x 4in) 16 sc x 18 r on H-8 (5 mm)

Knit Gauge: (4in x 4in) 18 sts x 26 r on #8 (5 mm)

Length: 185yds (153yds in prints, 157yds in moulines, 115yds in reflective, 159yds in tweed)

Length: 170m (140m in prints, 144m in moulines, 105m in reflective, 145m in tweed)

Weight: 3.5oz (3oz in prints/moulines/tweed, 2.5oz in reflective)

Weight: 100g (85g in prints/moulines/tweed, 70g in reflective)

Fiber: Acrylic; 100% Premium Acrylic

Care: Machine Wash, Machine Dry


Yardage: 170yds/ 156m

Yarn Thickness / Gauge: 4

Knit Gauge: US 6-7 /5-4.5mm 13 sts 4"x4" 17 R

Crochet Gauge: US 5 /3.75mm 15SC 4"x4" 13 R

Yarn Weight: 6 Super Bulky

Crochet Gauge: (4in x 4in) 8 sc x 10 r on N-13 (9mm)

Knit Gauge: (4in x 4in) 10 sts x 14 r on #13 (9 mm)

Length: 223yds/204m

Weight:12 oz/340g

Fiber: Polyester: 100% Recycled Polyester

Care: Hand Wash, Lay Flat to Dry

Guchet - "THIS YARN IS IT" yarn *** NEW YARN LINE! (03/2024)

First and foremost I want to thank Melissa from Guchet for her awesome care package! I opened it up in Channel Chat 149 here. This new yarn line of hers is really, really soft and I'd *love* to design something with knit or crochet with it later! I got this bit of happy mail in March of 2024 (thus the date) and Melissa was kind enough to extend a discount to my community 💖.

Use the discount code INFINITI10 for 10% off your entire order!

Weight | #4 Worsted/Medium 6.8oz/200g

Ball Length | 320y/290m

Fibers | 100% Premium Acrylic

Colors Available| 54

Crochet Gauge (4" x 4") | 16 sts and 16 rows, in single crochet stitch, using H8/5mm hook

Knitting Gauge (4" x 4") | 16 sts and 20 rows, in garter stitch, using 5mm needle

WIP = 12 per inch

Laundry Care: Machine wash - Tumble Dry - Do not bleach

IMPORTANT Purchase the entire amount of each color you'll need, as dye lots can vary.

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