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Back on FeedSpot!

Way back in yonder year, I signed up for this site, not realizing it was a paid service lol... anyhoo, In March, I resubmitted my information and hopefully, I'll be listed here permanently.

I ended up doing this because I think in the long run, this will be less expensive than all the other collective advertising I've been doing. I reviewed my spreadsheets and the amount I spend in ads collectively equals slightly more than what I spend in materials and supplies. Not that advertising isn't worth it but, these frequent ad campaigns just aren't pulling the kind of traffic I'm looking for.

I'm now featured their Top 60 Handicraft Blogs post as #22!

Some of the benefits to being featured on FeedSpot are:being discovered,and visited by thousands of new targeted users in your niche industry, you will get new and targeted subscribers who are looking to follow top and upcoming blogs like yours, and Feedspot's blogs lists get more than 30,000 new visitors each month from Google, other search engines and social media websites.

I've found that I already have a following of 1k here and I was more than pleasantly surprised by this.

I also found out that I have a following on FeedSpot for my Youtube channel and I honestly don't recall submitting my channel... none the less, I'm so excited to see that there are like 227 people that I've reached over the years on this platform!

I'm not saying I won't do more targeted ads in the future but for now, being placed here feels very beneficial!

There will be another blog later this month regarding ads and some changes to the site as summer hiatus is fast approaching.

That's all for today! Remember, the best way to help Infiniti Crafting Co. is to share the pattern blogs and podcasts across this wonderful web!

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