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Channel ShoutOut: Adobe In A Minute

Hello Crafties and welcome to this quick channel shoutout!

If you're an Adobe user like I am, you may be a pro...or also like me, not so much. I always tell people that I know enough to get by however, we all need help sometimes. This channel in particular has been a life saver over the years (3 to be specific right now) when it comes to learning new skills for my most used programs.

My favorite thing about this guy's channel is that all of his tutorials are about a minute. He gets straight to the point and is easy to understand. I'd definitely recommend their content if you use Adobe in any capacity.

I don't know them at all but their content is good as it relates to the whole video editing game and like I said, they've been soooo helpful. So go give them a follow if you use or are planning on using Adobe products!

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