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COVID-19 Statement

Amid all the chaos that is the corona virus, many of us crafters are out of work and are under either self-isolation or quarantine. I’d been mulling over the idea of writing some sort of statement regarding 2020’s pandemic but, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to.  There is a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the situation and my prayers go out to those who may have contracted the virus.

I know that not all people believe the same and I may just be an optimistic Missourian education major but, brighter days are ahead of us. I believe that there are many blessings to come and that for all of us who claimed that 2020 was our year, it still is! Don’t lose hope guys, the love of God covers us all.

Personally, I’m doing well. Though I’m out of my work-study job from all this, I’m choosing to remain positive and look toward coming up in the near future. This is definitely not the time to panic.  Due to this sudden influx of free-time, I want to say that I fully intend to maintain my regular upload schedule! There are a lot of you who genuinely enjoy my content over on YouTube and I love you all for your support. Many of you have stated how you love watching my content in your free-time and it warms my heart to know that. So, considering that and the monotony that’s sure to come from being indoors more, I am in the process of planning project tutorials to include in my uploads for time being.

This down time will certainly allow for me to pre-record a lot of content for you all and I’m looking forward to making anyone’s day if I can. Remember I’m also here for crafty questions and convo’s and I’m also open to doing Q & A’s if I can get the participation for it. I’m on a lot of different social media platforms, which I will link at the end of this post. In the end, I hope to be a positive and uplifting personality amidst all this. I am in no way taking the situation lightly, I just feel that when you focus on the bad, it only gets worse which can lead to depression.

Remember everyone, be safe, be clean and happy making!

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