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[Finished Object] Summer Ecstasy Crochet Top

Please note: This blog contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission on any items purchased through them at no additional cost to you!

Stitching this cover up was so much fun because it was one of those " let's see where this leads" type patterns. I'll probably make a few tweaks in the future like longer sleeves and a wider solid panel across the chest.

Over all, this was a great test of confidence to model the finished project. I've always had fat arms but, I've also always hidden them. While taking stills off my camera, I realized that I wasn't as chubby as I'd previously thought I was 😅. Though this won't alter my generally conservative mode of dress, it was sorta refreshing to re-evaluate my self image.

You can find the full pattern for this project in this website's shop. There is also a free version back on the blog. If you enjoy the pattern, please consider sharing the page so other Crafties can see it!

To make this pattern you'll need:


the pattern calls for 2 hanks of DGY lace weight and 2 cakes of Hobbii Twister Solid

a 3.75mm crochet hook

If you stitch the pattern above, be sure to tag me @infiniticraftingco on IG and Facebook!

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