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[Finished Object] The Razzle Sweater (Crochet Design)

Hello Crafties and Happy W.I.P. Wednesday! I know things have been going a little slow in terms of project completion, especially on social media. Rest assured though, I've been working on a lot behind the scenes. Technically, I guess this is the third FO of 2023 but it was the first project I set out to complete for the year.

I'm excited to be kicking off this design year with a blast, as many of you know, I recently updated the Nearly Solid Showl Crochet Pattern and added a step-by-step video tutorial to the premium version.

Now, I've finally finished off that project and I've been laser focused on this one. I'm so thankful that I typed up all the instructions for it because as I clipped the final string on the second cuff, I knew that Stage 1 was complete.

There's usually a lot that goes on behind my design process. Stage 1 usually involves making the sample piece and hand writing any patterning and notes. Stage 2 is mainly production so, testing the pattern's math and doing a second sample. Stage 3 is always pattern formatting and photography. That's when I get to crack open InDesign and place photos and instructions in the document.

As many of you know, Stage 3 evolved last

year in that I've begun making video tutorials for the paid versions of my designs. This sweater design will be no different. I believe that I'll start producing that video closer to my summer break. It's going to be a busy summer!

Anyhoo, this sweater took 6 balls of Hobbii's Metallico Fine and a 4.00mm crochet hook. I'm so happy with how this one turned out.

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