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I finally finished the Breath of Autumn Pocket Shawl![Knitting FO]

Crafties!!! The hype is real in the studio today! Yesterday I officially wove in the last ends on the Breath of Autumn Pocket Shawl.

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For those new to this project, I was feeling heavily inspired during August of 2021 because of the

impending fall season. I'd also had some ancient Wool Ease thick & quick on the shelves that I needed to get rid of so, I thought it'd be a great time to hop on the pocket shawl trend. Like really, I had labels from 3 different rebrands... it was time to get through it.

It kept taking back seats to various projects like my birthday sweater, the Oculus Cardi, the Genesis Top, and the Christmas sweater I just put out, to name a few.

Now, I've finally had the down time to knit the pocket flaps and weave in all those ends.

The whole project took me 11 skeins of LB's Wool Ease Thick & Quick and I used the colorway, Coney Island with 12.50mm knitting needles.

I was stoked when I wove that last end and I wore my new baby out while dropping off holiday orders at the post office. I got a loooot of compliments on it and someone even asked if I sold I took to Twitter after taking a few snap shots.

I figured it would look a lot better after some blocking however, I've run into quite the problem there, as I don't have enough mats to do this lol. I have never encountered this issue and I'm sure I could improvise instead of going to a yarn store... I'll keep y'all posted on that one.

So what are my plans for this design?

Glad you asked! Back in early November sometime, I took a year end trip to JoAnn where I gathered the yarn for my Christmas sweater AND may or may not have snagged some yarn for another of these.

Yes, I'll do a color reveal much later. For now though, I want to make another of these so that I can get some decent progress shots for the pattern. This first go around, I was mostly figuring stuff out and I neglected the picture taking process. My lesson has been learned, especially on such a large project.

I'm hoping to perform some power knitting this summer in order to release this pattern in time for autumn 2023. This written pattern will also include an in-depth video tutorial for the project, as has been my mission for most of 2022. I just got some super fancy buttons for the new pocket shawl because my expectations are high.

One of the greatest things about this beast of a pocket shawl is that it's incredibly warm and the pockets are DEEP. As you can see from the few old pictures that I have, these pockets were made with cellphones and other items in mind. It's also a double layered pocket, meaning that yesterday's 25 degrees meant nothing to a gloveless hand.

I'm giving myself a tiny break from knitting things before I go into full designer mode in 2023. I can't say the same for my crochet projects lol.

At this point I have enough back logged projects to tide me over through 2024 probably so as the next year progresses, I just want to take it easy.

I learned so much while knitting this design and so, as I dive into the next one, I know exactly where I need to place the button holes/buttons and I have an idea on how long the next one needs to be. This one in particular measures right at 60". The typical pocket shawl measures 60"-65" so, mine falls on the short side. Perhaps I'll add a little extra length on the next one also.

Anyhoo, that's all I've got for now, please enjoy these unsmiling model pictures 😂.

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