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Great News From the Dentist!🦷

I am so happy to announce that I finally got a call back from our dental center! You all know that I've been dealing with this whole tooth ordeal for a full month now and boy, it's been something else. Thankfully the thing doesn't bother me...unless I apply pressure, which happens on accident quite often these days.

One nugget of wisdom I've gained in the past weeks is that you don't realize how important certain body parts function until they're in disrepair. As I'm documenting in Hey Craftepreneur Ep. 25, I've been realizing that about a lot of things lately. It's been frustrating and humbling all at once and I am just so grateful to God for the comfort, the blessings, and the small signs he gives me to let me know that it'll be alright.

On Tuesday, the office got back to me and the woman ran down the out of pocket costs for me to get this front tooth fixed. Now, that first dentist referred me to an endodontics specialist who wanted to charge me $800 just to walk in and get an x-ray, then another $2500 for the root canal. The price of the crown wasn't discussed.

This dental center, which is partnered with the dental school, only wants $347 for the root canal and $462 for the crown. I still don't have that kind of money laying around but, it's much less than the thousands of dollars initially estimated.

I am excited about this for many reasons! For one, I miss being able to talk without thinking about how I move my mouth. I also miss eating solid things like pizza and steak and salad 😅. And I miss making vlog content!

If you're unaware of what happened, I go over that in another blog post. You can read about this whole dental ordeal here.

The short version is that I tripped and got a face full of concrete, chipping and fracturing one of my front teeth, scraping my gums and mouth. To say the least, that was not fun.

Anyhoo, if you want to help, it'd be loved and appreciated. You can do so by sending me a coffee via the widget panel here ➡:

On Wednesday, I got back with them and I now have a consultation appointment for November 1st. They want to see me briefly to see whether or not they can do the root canal and if they can, they'll go ahead and do it that day and I'll be able to come back in a few weeks for the crown.

I'm excited and nervous all at once y'all so, please keep me in your prayers. That the tooth hasn't done anything weird and that they can go ahead and help fix my dental problems.

I've found myself trying to speak and eat like I normally would as of late and it does not feel nice to say the least 😅.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support while I deal with all this life stuff! I feel so blessed to have such a kind community behind me and I can't wait to share more knit/crochet ideas with you all! 💖

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