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How to Crochet the Floret Stitch

Happy Sunday Crafties! I'm back with another easy crochet stitch!

This stitch is perfect for beginners because it only uses two stitches: the double crochet (dc) and slip stitch (sl st). I hope you'll enjoy today's tutorial! Tell me, what would you make with this fun stitch?


Written Instructions:

ch - chain

dc - double crochet

sl st - slip stitch

st - stitch

y/o - yarn over

* - repeat to end

Ch in multiples of 2, then add an additional 3 ch.

Row 1: Y/O, dc into 4th ch from hook. Then dc into each ch along the row.

Row 2: Ch 1and turn, sl st into first st of the row, *dc into the next st, sl st into the next; row should end with a sl st.

Row 3: Ch 3, *dc into the next dc of the row, dc into sl st; place last dc atop the sl st from the previous row.

In order to advance this pattern, continue repeating rows 2 & 3 until you reach the desired length of your project.

Yarns used in tutorial (affiliate links):

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