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i bought a cheap pottery wheel

Yes I did! I've had a pretty great semester this time around and I got to fall back in love with art again. My fellow artists out there know the feeling of "the slump" or artists' block and boy is it real. Nonetheless, I had the grand opportunity to work with my favorite mediums this semester and it made me remember why I dove into the arts in the first place.

Specifically, I spent an incredible amount of time in the ceramics studio and I got to bring home 36 pieces! Some of which my grandma has taken ownership of and some, I've been eating and drinking out of for the last week. Of course the end of an artsy semester means that I have cleaning and storing to do and during this intense cleaning session, I discovered that I had a lot of the tools needed for working on pottery already at my disposal from a couple of years ago. I guess this lit a fire in me because I went ahead and sprang for a budget pottery wheel. I do mean budget lol, I don't expect this thing to live a long time but, it's something that'll keep me in practice while I'm stuck at home. I also ordered some bat pins because the low end wheels aren't made with them.

I plan to do some rudimentary pit firing after I make a few pieces since I can't afford a kiln right now. I'm so excited about this next chapter of development as an artist! I want to do some content for my art channel as well. I know.... y'all think I forgot about it at this point but that isn't the case 😅. I've been taking it a little slow with recording mostly because of time but also because I prefer to do quality over quantity with my content.

Over this break, I plan on recording a lot for the Infiniti Crafting Co. channel and if I can get some decent footage for ArtsyChiitos, then I'll upload it. Speaking of which, we're up to 12 subscribers over there! I'll be updating the art gallery soon too, I have quite a few paintings to post and maybe...some of my ceramics!

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