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Let's Break it Down!

Hey Crafties, it's Infiniti again!

Haven't we had an amazing year?

Lets's see, started a support page what has 900+ views to date, the site building process is going steady, new camera and equipment, the Creative Cloud is ours... Facebook? Lit. Twitter? Getting there. Instagram? LIIIT.... The list goes on and on!

My point here is that you all are just amazing and I feel hopeful for 2019 that our community will bud even more.

Views To the Kofi Page 12/21/2018

There are some recent developments that I have made for my supporters so I'll list them here!

For my Kofi supporters, I've made some permanent discounts to the Infiniti Crafting merch shop! Kofi is a crowdfunding platform for creators (like me) to gain fan support so that we can continue to produce the content you all love. If you've yet to jump on board, go ahead a subscribe! Even if you're a one time subscriber, your contributions are valued and you too will have access to an exclusive discount!

Additionally, when you become a supporter, you gain the opportunity to be featured in future videos on the tutorial channel. Each quarter, I endeavor to give credit to my fans who help with the upgrading of ICC. This start up cannot take off without the love and support if the community and I want to express that through my actions.

Over the Christmas holiday, through New Years' Day, I had a promotion going for the merch shop where everyone could receive a whopping $20 off their purchase! I intend to do more of these pop up sales throughout 2019 so be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel and hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on these awesome deals!

In addition to the flash sale, I gave away a free Christmas pattern. The posting is on my Facebook page and the pattern itself is available on Craftsy and on the website.

Til next time.

Happy making!

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