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Maker Shout Out: LeatherTagGoods

Hello Crafties! I've got another maker/small business shout out for you all today.

As you all know, I've been slowly shifting my brand toward a mostly pattern based operation but, did you know that I still make physical items for my shop? On Instagram I've branded my items as luxury handmade accessories and garments. In 2022, I was thinking of ways to better reflect this as I continue to take product photos and advertise my product. Then I remembered that a lot of crafters have these really cool custom leather tags that they attach to their makes.

In my mind, this would be a nice added touch to my items, which are mostly made with premium materials. My old fabric tags don't really fit these pieces so, I set out in December to put in one last investment for my brand in the year 2022.

While surfing Etsy, I stumbled across the LeatherTagGoods shop. Their tags looked to be a good fit for what I was trying to accomplish so, I placed an order for 20 of their leather tags as a trial run. The ordering process was super easy and all I had to do was email them with my logo and select my desired placement. It was only after I placed my order that I realized they were located in Europe so, the shipping time was a couple of weeks.

I started writing this article in January (oops!) Now in March, I've used these a few times for various FO's. I absolutely love my leather tags and I'm currently looking at a new design for a future order. They come with the metal hardware needed to secure them to your projects or you could just sew them down. Either way, if you're looking for some extra added flare to your makes, I'd check out this shop!

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