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My Greatest Yarn Haul Yet!

Crafties, I was anticipating for 2021 to be a great year for Infiniti Crafting Co. and if nothing else, I'm still happy about launching this website. I wanted this year to be one that I invested plus ultra into my brand because someday, it'll be my career. I've been making little plans behind the scenes, some I can't announce just yet but, I do want to announce that giveaways will be making a comeback this year! I've been blessed recently in a way that allowed be to invest into my brand and that has brought me SUCH joy.

Like really, what could be better than being surrounded by your hobby? Anyhoo, today I want to share what I got . Since the semester was rolling pretty tough when the packages started coming in, everything has been in the boxes til now. Most of the yarn bought was purchased with specific projects in mind, I promise! 🤞

NOTE: This blog contains affiliate links! This means that I receive a commission from sales made through these links at no additional cost to you.

First off, I did a haul on Lion Brand's Ferris Wheel Yarn! I'd used two cakes of it in Evergreen to crochet the Fishnet Shawl (XL) last summer and the color just POPPED. Ever since then, I'd been wanting to make more of them with this yarn. I still had two cakes of Cherry on Top in my stash but again, I'm a busy bee these days so they're still sitting there. Summer hiatus is going to be really special this year as I serial crochet new inventory

Ferris Wheel Yarn × 2 of ea.

Cherry On Top


Full Moon

Summer Day



Remember my scrunchy craze last summer? I thought that my Etsy shop would be a huge success and that I'd need to amass a huge inventory of scrunchies.

Though I love all of my scrunchies , I REALLY like the ones that I made on my Sentro 22 so I bought some Lion Brand Coboo since it is similar in texture to my silk scrunchies. I'll likely be making a new listing just for these as they are a different fiber and I'll probably be making them into 3-packs.

Coboo® Yarn × 2 of ea.














Ice Blue

Pale Pink