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My Greatest Yarn Haul Yet!

Crafties, I was anticipating for 2021 to be a great year for Infiniti Crafting Co. and if nothing else, I'm still happy about launching this website. I wanted this year to be one that I invested plus ultra into my brand because someday, it'll be my career. I've been making little plans behind the scenes, some I can't announce just yet but, I do want to announce that giveaways will be making a comeback this year! I've been blessed recently in a way that allowed be to invest into my brand and that has brought me SUCH joy.

Like really, what could be better than being surrounded by your hobby? Anyhoo, today I want to share what I got . Since the semester was rolling pretty tough when the packages started coming in, everything has been in the boxes til now. Most of the yarn bought was purchased with specific projects in mind, I promise! 🤞

NOTE: This blog contains affiliate links! This means that I receive a commission from sales made through these links at no additional cost to you.

First off, I did a haul on Lion Brand's Ferris Wheel Yarn! I'd used two cakes of it in Evergreen to crochet the Fishnet Shawl (XL) last summer and the color just POPPED. Ever since then, I'd been wanting to make more of them with this yarn. I still had two cakes of Cherry on Top in my stash but again, I'm a busy bee these days so they're still sitting there. Summer hiatus is going to be really special this year as I serial crochet new inventory

Cherry On Top


Full Moon

Summer Day



Remember my scrunchy craze last summer? I thought that my Etsy shop would be a huge success and that I'd need to amass a huge inventory of scrunchies.

Though I love all of my scrunchies , I REALLY like the ones that I made on my Sentro 22 so I bought some Lion Brand Coboo since it is similar in texture to my silk scrunchies. I'll likely be making a new listing just for these as they are a different fiber and I'll probably be making them into 3-packs.

Coboo® Yarn × 2 of ea.














Ice Blue

Pale Pink



Steel Blue

Initially, I was going to get my supply of wool from AliExpress, however, I've found some alternative yarns over at Hobbii that should make up beautiful feather stitch wraps. There are a few reasons why I've decided to make this switch. Economics, morality, and logistics have all played a factor in this. Though I may need to wait a little longer for the yarns for this project but I'll be able to make more of them than if I'd gone with my original idea. I may have treated myself with something else 😅👉👈...

I indulged in their Colorina Yarns which are 80% acrylic and 20% wool. The colors are so gorgeous that I didn't mind so much that the content was different from the yarn I previously used for my wraps. I got 6 (skeins?) ...balls? of each color:

Dream World

Blooming Lilac

Glass Ceiling

Sweet Secret


Spring Street

Desert Race

And to treat myself, I ended up with 6 cakes of their Twirls Nation yarn in Washington DC. This yarn has been discontinued but I've had my eyes on it for about a year now. I cannot wait to have this because as you all may know, I LOVE making patriotic stuff.

I'm not affiliated with them but go check out their yarns, they have some amazing stuff!

The Autumn Inventory Will Be INSANE.

I never did release this item on Etsy because I didn't have the fiber in stock and also because of the exorbitant cost that I'd have to place on the wraps to make them worth selling. I know, I know, Infiniti Crafting is supposed to be a luxury brand but I still couldn't fathom the original cost 😅. Being in my own space now, was able to drastically reduce the price and now I'll be able to make a few of these wraps for the world.

... your girl went to JoAnn Fabric. I got some stuff to go toward inventory and pattern design, a knitting book, some more blocking squares... you get the idea, so here's what I got!

Black x 4

Navy x1

White x1

Cherry x1

Taupe x1

Black x2

Pixie x1

White x2

Cream x2

Rose x2

Magenta x2

Red x2

Mist x2

Taupe x2

Spring Green x2

Blueberry x2

Cherry Red x1

Celestial x4

Mount Rainier x2

Hot Springs x2

I thought I was done after this but, no. I was wrong.

About a week later, I got hit with an onslaught of bargains from various retailers.

Do you all know how ELUSIVE Lion Brand Coboo in Spring Green is?! For the last several times I've tried to buy this color, it was always sold out so, I bought 4 just because I plan to crank out a LOT of scrunchies on my Sentro 22 this summer.

Next, I had a 40% off coupon at Lion Brand for Ferris Wheel Yarn. If you're unfamiliar with my projects, I took a real liking to this fiber when making a Fishnet Shawl one time and I knew from that moment, it'd be my yarn of choice for this pattern. During my first haul, I bought 12 cakes because each shawl takes to of them to complete. With this awesome flash sale, I was able to go back and get 5 more colors!

I've promised myself that I'd cool my jets but us Crafties know how that goes when there's a sale.

I accidentally bought too many blocking boards... too late now I suppose!

I got the Basic Stitch so that I could hand knit more of those neon rave beanies in my shop. My Sentro 48 doesn't really like Red Heart Super Saver. Surprisingly enough the yarns I got from JoAnn, I didn't plan to pop into my machine so, if you're looking for a list of yarns that work in the Sentro, you can check out that blog post here.

I am in love with Pound of Love right now and if you follow me on other media, you'll know that I'm working on a very patriotic piece and I'll be needing more of the red, white and blue. As for the Mandala Yarn, I need to redeem myself with the hat/scarf sets I made last year. I messed up the hat for the Pixie and Peach set and therefore did not show it off.

When I planned out this JoAnn haul, Lion Brand Heartland was scarce and FYI, Caron Simply soft or yarns like it can be substituted in my Infiniti Beanie crochet pattern. Not to mention they had a killer sale on the Big Twist Soft Touch... so I bought what they had! I could make 1 Infiniti Beanie per skein of it. I also really liked the colors that the Heartland Tweed had to offer so I got a few skeins of that as well. ... See I told you I had a game plan!

I would still like to think that I'm going to make that Ko-fi Button afghan... I was out of the red I needed for the heart of it so I bought some Red Heart. I've had my eye on the Kroy Sock Yarn for a WHILE now and again, I was blessed to the point that I could do all this for myself/my brand so I said, " YOLO!"

Well, that's a total of 161 balls/skeins/cakes of yarn! I don't have the storage at the moment but that'll be fixed soon because I'll be ordering a new shelf for the studio.

Have you been on a haul lately? If so, what'd you get?

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