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The Devil IS a Lair and There is No Truth in him

Welcome to my personal blog 😅.

You know, I was a little shy about writing this blog today, but I realized that that was just a feeling of my flesh. I am unashamed of the gospel which has so powerfully brought me salvation.

The enemy has been at me my entire life and in my household/faith, I was taught that that means there is something I am preordained to do in this life. In the Inside Infiniti blog, I detailed that Infiniti Crafting Company was a notion given to me by God one day as I was walking home. From a young age, I was plagued with what we call sleep paralysis which I’ve come to learn that those are just spiritual attacks. My medical history has been interesting as well. When I was around 7 years old, I somehow got a bladder infection. I rarely speak about certain aspects of my life as I choose to look forward in both my walk with God and in life but today, I am annoyed at the enemy because he is persistent in trying to keep me down.

In 2011 when I was just 14, I was diagnosed with diabetes which didn’t mix well with how operate. I grew up through a series of physical hardships and traumas and as a result, it is very difficult for me to stick to routine. This is something I work on to date in order to better my own life. As a child, though I grew up under the Christian faith, I had a very vague understanding of it all and was often fearful of everything. When I was 6, I prayed the prayer of salvation (Romans 10:9) out of fear and where I do believe I was born again, I had little understanding of what that meant. Compiled with my trauma’s I stopped praying and at one point, I considered forsaking my faith. I was saved from that though.

Circa 2015, I found God in the simplest of ways. My grandmother and I were sitting in her office as she cornrowed my hair. She, always being a strong woman in the Lord would listen to religious teachings and ministry to pass the time. This particular afternoon, she was playing a sermon by Andrew Wommack. To date, it is hard to describe the feeling of necessity, of yearning that I felt in hearing him explain God’s love and the effortlessness of salvation. At the end of his teachings, he always calls any of those not born again to come to repentance. Though I knew that I’d done it before, I silent sat there and prayed it again in my heart. From that point on, I’ve been committed and on fire for the Lord as Andrew would say.

How does this tie into today’s title? Well the enemy has been busier ever since then. Shortly after I began intensely studying and serving, he Lord Jesus, I began experiencing what I now know to be hydranitis superativa which is a painful plague that consists of swellings and cysts that form under the breasts, armpits, and in rare cases, the inner thigh/groin. Not long after I was moving mountains with my faith, I started tuning into Andrew’s teachings on healing, speaking in tongues, and walking in supernatural health. I stopped taking insulin in 2015 and I’ve been walking in that healing since then.

However, the hydranitis was challenge to me and tries to rear its head even to this day. The Lord gave me a love for plants and nature and because I do enjoy natural and old timey remedies, I began my naturalist research journey toward the end of 2015. Since then, I’ve been led to blend many types of essential oils and organic compounds that draw out impurities, heal wounds, offer arthritic relief, and more. One of these salves is the Crafty Soothing Salve (or balm) that I offer in my shop. Along this journey, I have made up a couple of oils that sooth and relieve my issue even if I don’t deal with it often anymore.

In 2020, the Lord brought it to my attention that this issue arises from my high sugar intake. I , as obediently as possible, began to reduce the amount of sweets I took in, which was hard because I have a strong sweet tooth and tend to eat for comfort. Anyhoo, God’s never wrong. The months where I limited my sweet intake, I didn’t have to deal with this plague. Because I’m human though, I tend to slip and when I do, I regret it in the form of these swellings and am forced to repent. Even though they are my own fault, I still speak over my body in the name of Jesus and command these pains away. Once I realized what was actually causing the problem though, it became more of a thing to control myself.

Now… why am I writing this today? I’m getting there, bear with me.

In 2020 as I was headed into my June hiatus, I was feeling like hot garbage. In 2019, I began having digestion issues also which really picked up last June for some reason. Nonetheless, I am a world overcomer, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). I was rendered unable to record most of the month and fell behind on my upload schedule for the remainder of the year because of it. Not mention some pretty bad dental issues that arose ( I came up with an edible oil for toothaches because of it) thereafter.

The reason why the devil is a liar and there is NO truth in him is because now as I head into June hiatus this year hydranitis is attempting to rear its ugly head in the worst spot. Just as I was making some amazing headway for my summer shop update and as I was dwelling in the joy of the Lord. If you’ve ever dealt with persistent pain, you know that it is exhausting and all you really want to do is sleep because the pain takes so much extra energy out of you when doing simple things. Right now, it pains me to sit and being that my main work right now has to be done sitting up, you can understand what an inconvenience this is. In addition to that, my tooth problem has gotten worse, but the free clinic can’t see me until the end of June. (good old near socialized medicine for ya)

I am a fighter though. In the name of Jesus, I refuse to be held up by these silly pains. Every day, month, and year, I get closer to reaching that vision God gave me for my life and I refuse to participate in the delay of it. Here it is a beautiful Sunday and I’ve slept through most of it. Even once I got up second time, it didn’t take me long to feel exhausted again. I’m writing about it right now in part because I am hurting physically but also because I was impressed to share part of my testimony.

As Christians, to share testimony and fellowship is the ability to connect, inspire, and bring others to the Kingdom. We have the Lord our God and Jesus Christ and we do not suffer the reward of the wicked but we do dwell in these earthly vessels which are subject to consequences. So what I’m conveying here today is that you should take special care of yourself. Though this body is only a temporary home while we’re on this Earth and we should not be concerned in a certain regard about it, do what is right to preserve your health.

We are propped up by our most holy faith, but we are also cautioned that faith without works are dead. This year, I have been taking more initiative regarding my health that will coincide with my prayers and faith so that I may continue this journey God has sent me on. The enemy has thrown some wrenches in that here and there but in my mind, that is grounds to double down and keep pushing. You have to refuse the devil because he will flee.

I am never opposed to having church on this blog 😂. I had some strong feelings on this today, so I had to share. I know a good chunk of my audience are Christian or Catholic which is comforting to share and I appreciate the love and participation you all show through this blog.

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