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The Road to Monetization: An Update

Hello, my beloved followers, today I want to talk about how ICC is progressing toward monetization. I know it’s a word commonly used by YouTubers and other influencers alike but, what is it?

By definition, monetization is, broadly speaking, the process of converting something into money. The term has a broad range of uses. Essentially, across various platforms, it helps people to earn variable amounts of income. In the long run, my goal is to launch my crafting business as well as earn revenue from my YouTube Channel

In regard to YouTube, there’s a bit of a process to being monetized. I want to thank everyone who tunes in and continues to support my channel on the platform. We’re now 600+ strong and none of what I do now would be possible without you all! 

Now a question that many may have is about why I care about being monetized. If you all have been following me for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m very dedicated to what I do and that I love sharing my love for learning and craft with the world and I have been doing this on YouTube since October 2018. Now if you’ve ever watched any of my channel chats, ever, you’ll know that I am a college student. I recently obtained my associates in August 2019 and I am university bound come August 2020. Essentially between bills and various home obligations, I’ve burrowed myself into considerable debt (as I see it) that far exceeds my income at this time by just working two part time jobs. 

Might I add that this whole pandemic mess has not made it easy on any of us. I am grateful that I am a Home and Community Based Worker and therefore considered essential. This has allowed me to maintain the greater amount of my income which helps keep my household afloat. 

Part of my ambition to be monetized is the hope that I’d eventually make a decent income from working from home which would help ease some of that financial strain that I deal with. The other reason I’d hope to be monetized is because I want to be able to consistently do giveaways, events and activities for my channel community. I had fun with the one I did for my 500th subscriber back in February and I’d love to be able to continue and expand that. 

I am in no wise trying to rush things, despite these odd times, I still foresee hitting 1000 subscribers in 2020 and I thoroughly look forward to this milestone!

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