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There's a New Sentro in Town (Introducing the Sentro 32)

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Hello Crafties! I'm just as surprised as you are about this. A few days ago, I was browsing amazon for affiliate links and stumbled across this gem. This comes right on time for the holidays! Last year, I made up some leg warmers for a video that I never recorded 😅 and I used the Sentro 22. While I wasn't upset with the results, because I do have a wider calf, I knew that I could have used a few more stitches to have a more comfortable fit.

The same concept applies to the socks that I've done tutorials on. For those with larger or wider feet, extra stitches are a must, according to my comment sections. Well ladies and gentlemen, this may be just the solution! I've also been asked in recent weeks about creating toddler hats on the Sentro and I figured that one would been to use the 40 needle size.

After mulling it over and using some rewards points, I was able to get this machine for $17! What a steal! I immediately started to tinker with it and here is what I learned about the Sentro 32 needle knitting machine:

It offers more secure footing on the craft table

This version has both suction cups and the tiny black rounds to help the machine to securely stay on your craft table. While making a test swatch, I was able to crank with one hand, which was a nice change of pace from my other machines.

The handle is not removable

It's hit or miss with this feature. Unlike the Sentro 22 needle machine, the handle crank is non-removable so, you'd have to use a standard drill attachment for a more automated experience.

This version works like all the others and seems to accept the same yarns

That's right! There's no difference in how to operate this machine from the others made by Sentro. In the review that I put together, I assembled this one similarly to the others and I also cast on. So, if you have the other machines, once you assemble this one, you're good to go! If you haven't had a Sentro before, I have a nice playlist on my channel that will help you get started.

The videos on that playlist are in chronological order. As I get more ideas or asks, I add to it!

Also see my list of yarns that work on the Sentro knitting machine.

There is no brand name printed on this one

Even though I purchased it from the same seller as the other two Sentro's I own, the 32 needle machine is unbranded. I don't think it matters too much, unless you're a stickler for having the brand name on all your products. Honestly, I would have liked to have the Sentro name on my machine but, considering mine probably won't be on display in my videos, I can live with it.