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There's Always a Catch to Everything

Crafties, I'm a little bummed out. I'd made some grand plans to get a drone in order to do better solo photo shoots for my makes.

As life would have it, apparently, if the content you're going to make using the drone will further a business or be used for monetized content, you have to have a license in order to use the content...

I sat here for a moment mulling it over. Government agencies love to tax the heck out of people anyway they can. Sure, there's fees to obtain the license and yes you have to renew it every couple of years; I consider this taxation in a roundabout way.

So not only do you pay a pretty penny to buy the drone but then you must shell out an additional $160 or so to take the test and get the license. Otherwise you run the risk of insane fines.

The hilarious part of this is however, is that if you're just using a drone for recreation, you don't need a license.

Maybe if I'm bored later in life, I'll pursue one but for now, its back to the drawing board. 😤😭

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