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We Hit 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

It's been a WHILE since I last wrote something. I think I needed a little bit of time to myself after #Vlogust, especially since the new semester started during the last week of it. I was a little MIA over on the channel because of it but, if you've been following Infiniti Crafting Co.'s  Instagram, you'll know that I've been hard at work on inventory for my Etsy shop. I was also just focusing on my general health, physical and mental. Things have been going awry in my home life and I believe it was starting to affect both of those. I'd even gone on a mini vent session on IG but, alas, all storms pass and I thank everyone who stuck out September with me!

The 1k Club

I've been mentioning all year that I wanted to hit 1,000 subscribers by my second YouTube anniversary (Oct. 1st ). Low and behold, all of you loving Crafties have helped me to achieve that goal and I thank you all both old and new to the channel and brand. 

I look forward to hitting monetization status as a part of YouTube's Partner Program as a next step but, I have no timeframe for that. I'm very content and blessed with all the growth that has happened over the last two years and I look forward to doing so much more for the community I adore so.

This came right on time as well, as I said earlier in this post, I was evaluating my mental/emotional health and I realized that I felt a little down regarding the growth of my brand, lack of income, and all the other "fun" startup owner trials. To witness my sub count shoot up as it did that last week, I... have no words for how that uplifted me. Thank you. ❤

I Accidentally Acquired a Facebook Group

I know, I know. I wonder if I'm taking on too much myself, also. Let me explain though!

Recently, Facebook started contacting random members of inactive groups with no admins regarding the matter. Basically they were putting in a last ditch effort to save these groups, otherwise they'd be archived. I decided to take on the challenge of managing a group called Learning to Crochet with Free Patterns and Tutorials on September 18th. Since then I've:

1. Made a formal introduction to the group.

2. Welcomed ~8000-9000 members.

3. Re-evaluated/ updated group rules (only 5 exist)

4. Added some join questions to help eliminate incoming spam (because good God there was a lot already there).

5. Added new artwork to the group banner to make it more welcoming. 

I let it remain a private group but, I seek to create a free environment within that. I though this would be an interesting opportunity seeing that I'd been contemplating starting a group in the past. I look forward to seeing where this goes from here on out. 


I love, love, LOVE doing giveaways for my brand and my community but sadly, that may have to hold off until next year sometime. There have been a lot of damages to our home (where I house my studio) and my grandmother and I are focusing on these killer repairs. We're slowly making progress on this so we can live happily and I can continue my happy making with a peace of mind. I was also struggling heavily to pay for school supplies and the remainder of my tuition (and coffee).  I had to pray very hard and I am glad to be past some of that drama. So for now, all I can offer you all is my sincerest love and gratitude. ❤


As you all know, I work tirelessly to stock my Etsy while also coming up with new patterns that I think my community will love. Recently, I've been re-evaluating my SEO and other things to help my start up rank. So far, it's working really well and I have Alyssha from Littlejohn's Yarn to thank for her awesome and candid live on Why My Etsy Shop SUCKS. She had some really good points, resources, and tips that really helped out with my shop's visibility so check out her video and channel!

Happy Mail Coming Soon

So, 2020 has been a year of opportunity for me to execute different ideas that I've been researching for years and now I'm ready to start releasing these ideas! I'll be sending out some happy mail soon to some fellow Crafties and I'm hoping for some good feedback because the release date is fast approaching. I've had to put this off a couple of times but, hopefully, third times a charm! I'm super excited to be sending out this mystery happy mail. 

New Inventory Drops/ Supporting the Content

Some of the top ways you can support content creators is by:

1. Sharing their content on social media.

2. Support their merch/stores.

3. Send your love our way in the comments. 

It's crazier than some might realize for creators who are striving to go full-time. Even if you're unable to financially help creators, sharing, commenting, and liking helps promote the content we love to make. The more eyes, the better.

If you want to help the content continue to grow, check out ICC's social media and spread the word. 

I don't really ask for donations because I love what I do but, the extra caffeine is always greatly appreciated and thank you to those who've contributed thus far.❤


I've reviewed the listings I have drafted on Etsy and there are a couple that I could have up for release very soon . One of these items is my mystery product, the other, are winter/fall accessories that I've been cranking out during September! There are a lot of fun colors coming y'all's way. 

I'm always releasing something new to Infiniti Crafting's Merch Shop! These designs are always released on ICC's Instagram and Pinterest.


That's all I have for this post! As always, I love feedback from my community so feel free to take my channel's Google survey that I posted in June. It's easier for me to collect feedback there as opposed to my YT comment section.

Thank you all again and Happy Making!

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