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What is 'Hey Craftepreneur!' and why do I keep seeing it?

Hello Crafties!

Today, I want to talk about the re-emergence of my pattern club, 'Hey Craftepreneur!'. If you're

seeing this blog post, I'd be willing to bet that you're already a super fan of my content. After all, why else would I be showing up in your inbox? 😉

I’ve relaunched ‘Hey Craftepreneur!’. You may not have been around when the program first piloted in 2021 and that’s okay. It started out as a podcast that didn’t go anywhere and I sunset it toward the end of 2022. Since then, I'd been thinking of ways to bring more value to potential members and eventually I came up with the structure the program has today.

As I thought about ways to keep things flowing at Infiniti Crafting Co, it dawned on me that I could recycle the name (since I have all these stickers laying around) and make it into something new. Last year, I committed to making video tutorials as a part of my written pattern offerings but, some of my patterns are video only, with some written notes (I.e the Sentro tutorials).

It also seemed to me that I was falling behind in updating everything so, I rebuilt this Patreon-esque members’ club to offer my community accessible crochet and knitting patterns and to hold myself accountable. 😅

I have so many designs swimming around in my head and it gets a little chaotic when it comes to releasing them. Some of these ideas are manageable enough to release as bonus content for the program, so that is what I am going for right now.

Being a creative is a wild balancing act and so I think in the long-term, this structure will do a lot of good.

Designs Available So Far

Nearly Solid Shawl Crochet Pattern

Water Bottle Sling Crochet Pattern + bonus Shark Week version (video only)

How to Make Socks on the Sentro Knitting Machine with Hand Knit Heels

How to Knit the Mountain Forager Garden Shrug

Patterns up for September

How to Crochet the Hold Me Tight Shawl

How to Make Socks on the Sentro Knitting Machine with Crochet Heels

All my designs at a discount

A couple years ago, I did the math on all my collective pattern releases and it added up to around $130. This was before I started doing updates and adding in video content. Since then, I've done a few more pattern releases and have been working at adding additional features for my community. If I were to go back at add everything up, my whole pattern library would likely add up to around ~$200. That being said, Hey Craftepreneur! is a great way to gain access to all the patterns at a steep discount.

In addition to full access to all the video content and forums, you'll also have my direct support in and troubleshooting you may need.

My goal here is to create something stable that will allow me to share my creativity and keep publishing tutorials. That being said, the lowest (and only tier so far) is only $5.99/mo USD, after taxes it’s $6.61. For that price, you’ll get all the perks listed in the image above and to the right. Plus, unlike my regular blogs, I don't put ads in the pattern posts so the crafting experience is more palatable.

I have no intentions on raising the price on this tier, ever.

If there are any substantial additions that are made to the program, it’ll result in a higher tier. Beyond that, I was able to create a quarterly plan which offers the same perks as the monthly tier. The only difference is that the monthly charge is compounded and billed every 3 months at $19.99 + tax.

This month, I’ll be updating and posting the Hold Me Tight Shawl crochet pattern to the club. I’ll also be updating my Sentro sock pattern for the lovely crocheters in my community. I was able to redesign the heel so it looks and feels better on the foot.

The crochet pattern should hit ‘Hey Craftepreneur!’ by the middle of the month and the sock tutorial by the end of September.

If you’re a fan of my designs, I humbly ask that you join the club and support the content today.

✨Watch this explainer video✨

Infiniti Crafting Co. Pattern Library

After surfing through the video and this brief photo gallery, I ask that you join me as I build upon this fiber art pattern journey!

Did you make it to the end of this article? Cool beans!

I'm feeling really positive about this new adventure and to share in all of that, I'm offering $1.25 off the first month of the $5.99/mo subscription! You read that correctly, the first 100 Crafties to sign up for Hey Craftepreneur! will only pay $4.74 (+ tax) for their first month.

Just use the code ' LETMESTITCH ' at checkout. The offer ends when 100 people have used the code so sign up while you can. 💖

Thanks for supporting me and until next time,

Happy Making!

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